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Do you have a blog on your website, but rarely have the time to write an article? Perhaps, you recognize the importance of adding frequent SEO web content to your site, but would rather spend time interacting with your clients versus writing at the computer? Are you, or a web design client, designing a new or updated website and need someone to write search engine optimized content? If so, then you need an SEO copywriter.

An SEO copywriter, not to be confused with someone who secures copyrights, is a person who understands the world of SEO (search engine optimization) and uses that knowledge to help promote your website. A copywriter sometimes referred to as an SEO content provider, can also create written web content that gains the attention of the search engines, thus helping your business stay in the public’s eye. This web content may be in the form of cartoons, blog posts, newsletters, or even media files but always has a focus on Search Engine Optimization.

However, while many people recognize the value of having a well-populated website, not everyone is a copywriter. Consequently, blog posts, link articles, newsletters, and other written elements are neglected from an SEO content point of view. When you hire a copywriter, you can take the task of written web content off your To-Do List.

SEO Web Content Services Available

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Write Away Copywriting is here to help you ensure that you have frequent and relevant web content for SEO. If you are unsure of what tasks to hire a copywriter for, then consider the following options:

Newsletters – Do you wish you had time to put together a weekly/monthly/quarterly newsletter? An SEO copywriter can do this for you. You can either provide the topics you want to be discussed or leave it to the copywriter to come up with the newsletter content with an Internet Marketing focus.

Blog posts – A web content provider is skilled in not only writing newsletters but also in providing blog posts that give guests to your site a better understanding of whatever is happening within your chosen field. It should be kept in mind that many companies choose to use the same SEO web content from their blog posts to generate newsletter content, thus making the most of the money invested in hiring a copywriter.

Web Content – If you are designing a website, either a new one or updating an existing one, and want to be sure that people find it, then your copywriter must understand SEO. A  copywriter skilled in SEO will be sure that your web content includes your keywords a minimum of 3% of the written web content.

Social media – Don’t have time to spend updating your status on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or other social media networks? Hire a web content provider to make daily/weekly updates to be sure your name stays in the public eye. This, too, is a service offered by Write Away Copywriting which benefits your SEO efforts.

Here at Write Away Copywriting, you can have an SEO content writer to provide web content for your blog or website, so you can enjoy doing what you love. Contact Write Away Copywriting to learn more about how you can take web content writing from your To-Do List and move it to your “It’s Done” list.

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