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Feeling Awkward

My son has a t-shirt he wears when working with a local youth ministry that states, “We feel awkward, so you don’t have to.”  When I first saw it, I chuckled and thought what a great way to make others feel welcomed and at ease. By wearing that shirt, he and the others on that team provide a great welcoming service to those who visit.

With that comment in mind, I thought about how awkward it can be for some people to write. Whether it is a blog post, a social media status, or an article promoting a specific product or service the mere thought of writing is awkward at best. In fact, I have several friends who have said that there is no way they could spend every day writing and researching, some have even stated that writing causes them stress. Typically, my response to that is to say, “That’s okay, I couldn’t do what you do.” Thankfully, we all have different skills and interest.

So, if you are one of those people who shudder at the thought of writing, that’s okay. Rather than get stressed out trying to come up with a topic or getting frustrated with social media sites, just let someone else do it for you. Here at Write Away Copywriting, I am happy to take the task of writing off your To Do list.  I can work with a title of your choosing or you can give the parameters (topic, article length, keywords, etc.) that you would like the material to contain.

So, rather than feeling “awkward” when facing that blank sheet of paper or an empty Word document, just give me a call, send me an e-mail or contact me on Facebook—I would love to help you!