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Hiking & Writing

 Coors 2A few months ago, a friend and I traveled to Steamboat Springs, CO. We spent 5 days making new friends as we explored the area-taking time to do some shopping, checking out local cuisine and even hiking. Those who know me personally would not be quick to peg me as a hiker, and they would be correct. In fact, while I have always liked a brisk walk around the block, I had never hiked a mountain-especially not one covered in several feet of snow. However, hiking was one of the activities, and I was determined to make it to the top of the trail. And, despite falling a few times, I did make it!

“So what,” you may ask, “does this have to do with writing?”

When I first began writing for the Web, I knew very little about what that meant. Just as with hiking I know how to walk, I knew how to write. After all, I had written my share of research papers, some poetry and had even written a few short stories, but I had no concept of what it took to get up each day and look at a blank screen and produce Web friendly content. Like making that hike and placing one foot in front of the other –even though I wasn’t sure I could make it, writing that early Web content meant writing sentence after sentence, and not being completely confident I had it right.

Along the way to learning about Web content writing and later on doing social posts, I have stumbled and have had to get up and keep going and learn better ways (thanks Panda and Penguin!) ways to write. And, like using a walking stick while making that mountain hike, I have learned how to use tools like AdWords for Web content, as well as Hootesuite and TweetDeck for social media pages so that managing the plethora of pages for which I am responsible is easier.

And, as on my trip where I made friends with people from all across America, thanks to Write Away Copywriting I have made new friends in the world of Web design, too.  But not only has writing allowed me to make many new friends and acquaintances, I have also had the joy of learning about so many fascinating topics and even visit some places I did not know about, as part of the research.

So, to all of you that have been a part of the hike –Thanks! I could not be here without you. I am having a blast making the climb and look forward to traveling on with you. I love taking on new writing projects or social media accounts, so please don’t hesitate to ask.