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The Moods of Writing

Quite often, when my children’s friends find out what kind of work I do, I get met with a grimace and a comment along the lines of, “You write. I would hate to do that all the time!”  Comments such as that always make me chuckle.  I rarely think of writing as being some sort of punishment or assignment. I have enjoyed writing, and it’s partner Reading, for as long as I can remember.

However, that does not mean that writing always comes easy. Often, I am asked to write about topics that I know little to nothing about so finding the right approach to a blog post can be somewhat daunting. But, since I love to learn about new places, people, processes and purposes even those jobs that are daunting at the outset are pleasurable in the long run – even if there are moments in the middle that leave me scratching my head as I endeavor to understand. So, with those moments in writing that have caused me some struggle, here is a great pic I found that writers of every age will relate to…..

Happy writing!

Moods of writing