JSlagell profile picI have been writing for the Web since 2007 when my cousin introduced to me the exciting world of SEO copywriting. Since then I have provided SEO web content for more than 30 travel websites, as well as content for law offices, consulting businesses, start-up companies, and many others (see the portfolio for details). In addition to website content, I  provide monthly newsletters for clients and provide blog posts about social media, Internet trends,  website design, and many other topics so that my clients can focus on their business rather than writing. In addition to article writing, I manage several social media accounts that help businesses maintain a Web presence.

I believe that it is important for companies to develop not just website content, but also to invest time on social media platforms. Social media platforms are a great tool for giving followers insight into who a company is and what they have to offer but are never a replacement for having an informative website.  However, when properly maintained a social platform can encourage website guests and, in turn, increase company revenue.

When not at my computer, I enjoy cooking for my family as well as catering large events,  reading mysteries, and looking for unusual earrings and jewelry. I am also involved in an administrative capacity with the youth ministry at my church.

I love antique typewriters and am thrilled to have one as a display piece. While they may not be useful as a tool for web content writing, there is something special about owning one, and wondering what stories were told on its keys!

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