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Having a Website that looks like it was written by an SEO Copywriting Expert

If you have spent any time on the Web, then you know that it is a vast and varied world. With just the click of the mouse and a few keywords, you can find information on virtually every topic in existence. That said if you are a business owner, then you want to take steps to ensure you rank high in the search results, should someone do a search using the keywords for your business. This is best accomplished through using SEO or hiring a SEO copywriting provider.

What does a SEO Copywriter do?

An SEO copywriter understands what is necessary to make your website be found. By employing SEO copywriting methods, your site will rank high in the search engine results. So what are those SEO copy writing methods? Here is a brief overview of the steps taken.

•    Develop a list of keywords. These keywords may be derived by you, from talking to friends, or by research you or your SEO copywriter does.
•    If you have no idea what keywords would be for you site, you can also use tools like the Google AdWords Tool, Free or
•    Optimize your site by using these keywords. This is what your SEO copywriting provider can help you with through articles, the written content, photo captions and other web elements.
•    Keep in mind that copywriting for SEO is geared toward people, not machines.

Doing SEO Copywriting: Optimizing Your Website

SEO copywriting, unfortunately, is not an exact science but rather it is more of a carefully crafted art. However, there are some steps that you or an SEO copywriter can take. Here are 10 steps from author Steven Holzner of Small Business Websites Made Easy that are necessary in building a search engine optimized website.

1.    Put your keywords in a <meta> tag with the name attribute set to keywords. You are allowed 200 – 240 characters for this.
2.    Have a description of your of your page in a <meta> element with the name set to “description”. This has a limit of 240 characters/spaces. However, don’t just stuff keywords in your text. You want to stay between 3% and 5%.
3.    Use keywords in your title, in headings and in the body of your webpage(s). Be sure to use the appropriate <meta> tag.
4.    If your site has multiple pages, be sure that the pages are linked to each other.
5.    From time to time, have some of your keywords <bold> or <strong> to add emphasis. You may also wish to attract the attention of search engine robots. Be sure that your pages are not gear your pages specifically to the robots, though as this can actually lower your page rank.
6.    Select a domain that includes your most important keywords.
7.    Be sure your page loads quickly; pages that are slow are unlikely to be indexed.
8.    Have a sitemap and be sure it has an easy link trail to every location on your site.
9.    Include an About Us page on your site and ensure that your entire site’s pages link to the Homepage.
10.    Do not have identical pages but different URLs if you have more than one site for your business.

These are just a smattering of the SEO copywriting techniques you will want to follow. If you are unable to implement these elements, or perhaps do not have the time, talk to Write Away Copywriting, an SEO copywriting, to learn more.

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What is Copywriting? Common FAQs about SEO Writing

Do you spend long hours at your computer working on your web content when you would rather be doing something else? If you own your own business, chances are, the answer is yes. What if you could outsource some of that writing work? Then you would have time to do the things you love. One option is to hire a Web Copywriting provider.

What is a Copywriting provider? A Copywriting provider is someone whose sole purpose is to see that your website, and perhaps the sites that you design for others, have SEO friendly web content. When you have someone else doing the Copy writing then you have more time to pursue hobbies, being a part of family activities, or building your business through personal interaction with clients and potential customers. Perhaps, you are creating a company website, but don’t how to best promote yourself on the Web? Hiring a Copywriting provider makes it easy to get SEO friendly web content without having to do the copy writing yourself, thus giving you more time to do other things.

Copywriting FAQs

What types of work can be done by a copy writing provider? The short answer is any type of writing. However, there is more to Web writing than just putting a series of sentences together. In particular, a good copywriter will have an understanding of SEO (search engine optimization) and employ SEO writing practices in the material they produce. In addition to writing for the Web, a copywriter may also compose speeches, video scripts, newsletters, reports, product reviews, product directions and virtually any other type of writing.

Can a Copy writer do copyrighting? No. Copywriting is not the process by which you secure legal protection for something you have invented or created.

So what is a Copywriting provider? In its most exact definition Copywriting is, “The art and science of writing words to promote a product, a business or an idea.”

Why hire a copywriter? He or she has taken the time to learn something about your business, so that the Copywriting provided doesn’t just talk about what you offer, but sells the product. When this is done properly, your sales will be higher. In addition, a copy writer understands how to create web content that engages the consumer and increases a site’s search engine ranking.

What should be expected of a SEO writing provider? A person who does SEO writing will select, create and connect words that persuade the consumer to take a specific action resulting in a larger customer base.

If you have a website and are interested in seeing it claim a top spot in search engine rank results, it is vital that you hone your Copywriting skill. Or perhaps, you would rather hire an SEO copy writing specialist to do the writing for you? One of the nicest benefits of hiring an SEO writing provider is that you will be able to move writing web content from your “To Do” list to the “Done” list. Either way you choose, Copywriting is one of the most important elements of your business website.

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Content Writing: Who to hire for writing content on your Website

In the world of online businesses and SEO Content Writing, “Content is king.” This is because having new web content on a regular basis allows search engines to know that your website is alive. However, writing content takes time and when you run your own business you may not have the time to devote to writing. So, to build brand awareness along with increasing search engine ranking, many website owners opt to hire content writers to provide web content.

But how do you know which content writer to choose? After all, there are thousands of web content providers available, each with their own style of Content Writing.
What to look for in a good SEO content writer?

If you are looking for a web content provider, here are some of the characteristics of a good SEO content writer:

  •  The Content Writer should be a self-starter. Doing web Content Writing is not for the faint of spirit. It requires taking the time to research the topic thoroughly and then provide SEO friendly content that appeals to the client as well as the reader. A competent content writer will provide the work on time and not require babysitting along the way.
  • The SEO Content provider should be organized. When you are talking to someone about Content Writing be sure to ask how they approach writing content. Do they use a writing checklist, a calendar or task organizer? Perhaps, the Content Writing company has a team of specialists where jobs are divided up based on skill sets. The more you know about the writing development phase the more at ease you can be in hiring a specific Content Writing company for a job.
  • Does the potential Content Writer understand the various types of web Content Writing? An effective content writer knows how marketing writing differs from navigational writing, as well as how to write good descriptions, SEO friendly titles and paragraphs that are informative yet interesting to read.
  • The SEO writer is able to not only provide web Content Writing but can edit, as well. This is especially helpful if your company frequently re-designs websites where the site owner wants you to take the existing web content and give it a new look.
  • Does the web Content Writing provider submit nearly flawless (preferably, error-free) work? Despite living in an age where texting and three letter acronyms are common, writing issues like misspellings, typos, improper subject-verb agreement, poor grammar and slang should not be a part of a properly executed Content Writing. When corresponding with a content writer pay attention to how they write. If there is a plethora of problems in their e-mails, chances are their written content will reflect the same.

These are some of the most important traits for a SEO Writing provider. After all, effectively composed Content Writing can make the difference in the success of your web business. Content is king, but if the Content Writing reflects the mind of the jester rather than the elegance of royalty, your web content may do more harm than good. Be sure to hire a Content Writing provider whose work successfully promotes your company!

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In the Know about I-marketing, and link building, and SEO writing

chain link, link building, SEOI-marketing, and link building, and SEO writing…Oh my! The days of simply tacking an announcement on the post office bulletin board or buying an advertisement in the town paper and netting record-breaking sales are long gone. Today’s businesses, in order to be successful, are now required to reach potential customers through a wide variety of marketing approaches ranging from the world-wide web and social networking sites as well as tried and true venues like the printed word. Businesses must implement savvy SEO writing and marketing, a variety of link options, and assortment of ways to contact them-all while making the consumer feel important and special.

So what are some of the most effective ways to reach customers? Well, depending on who you ask the answers may vary, but one of the most consistent responses is that of social networking sites such as Facebook or Twitter. These sites are easy to use and offer a greater customer base than by using snail mail, telemarketing, or even e-mail advertisements. If you are not familiar with the business opportunities available through these sites, then take some time in the near future to tap their potential.

Once a customer visits your site, you will want to keep them there long enough to seal the deal. You can do this through effective sales, maintaining an order history, suggesting related products or services or by providing quality reading material that align with your site’s products, services and interest. You can implement surveys or offer feedback forms, provide live chats or a customer review section but whatever you opt for, you want it to be easy for customers to use.

So get connected with the latest and greatest the Internet has to offer, be persistent in marketing and SEO techniques and watch your business begin to grow. No, it won’t happen overnight, but with perseverance and patience, you will see an increase in business.