Celebrating Five Years at Write Away Copywriting

pens, writingIf someone had told me years ago that, I would be paid to write, I would have never believed them. Although I had a college degree,  my life goals and dreams were simple.  I had envisioned my future as a wife, a homeschooling mom and church volunteer. Yes, I had taken a number of English and writing classes, along with some basic computer courses in college, but I had never even considered writing as a profession.

However, this month marks 5 years since I began copywriting.

Allow me to set the scene. Just over 5 years ago, I began looking into rejoining the workforce on a part time basis. A good friend suggested I submit my resume to a local organization that needed someone who was good at organizing, planning and scheduling-something I handled for my church ministry team. I went through a series of interviews for the position, all of which seemed to be leading to a job offer. At the final interview, the board of directors informed me I was perfect for their needs and offered me the position, but with a surprise caveat –they had decided that week to make the job a volunteer position to better suit their budget. I declined, and began filling out more applications.

A month later, my cousin Scott Thompson, e-mailed and asked if I would be willing to write the content for a series of travel websites he was developing. That was September of 2007 and the first website was Gecko’s Georgia. That was the beginning. I was eventually part of more than 25 websites that Scott developed. Along the way, Scott, now a published author, taught me about SEO and link building and encouraged me to start looking for additional clients. He then helped me with building a client base by introducing me to Emory Rowland, now owner of Leverable, which is the parent company for Coupon Claim, a website for which I provide content.

In time, I spread my wings and sought other SEO writing opportunities. Today, I am blessed to work with companies like Page Progressive, All Pro Media, WebDrafter and others. In addition to providing SEO web content, I also manage social media accounts, newsletter and other writing for Dr. Karen Barwick, DDS and the Dental Assistant Training Centers.

So, here it is 5 years later and I find myself doing an assortment of writing projects and getting paid to do so. There is always something new to learn. Some days it may be learning about home HVAC systems as I write a link article, another day I may be working on content for a promo piece about a new product or service and on yet another day, I may learn more about using InDesign as I work on a Bible lesson for Creative for Kids. I love my job!

As a Web content writer, there is always something to keep me busy. Yes, there are some months that are busier than others, but that’s okay. I love my job and the opportunity to work with you all. Thank so much for allowing Write Away Copywriting to be a part of your team-especially those of you who were willing to take a chance on a newcomer to the SEO writing field. I am so blessed to be a copywriter. God knew exactly what I needed, when I needed to do it and whom I needed to work with. I look forward to many more years of writing for you and seeing how writing for the Web changes.

God bless!

By jslagell

I have been writing for the Web since 2007. As a copywriter, I have provided SEO web content for more than 30 travel websites and written dozens of blog posts about social media, Internet trends and website design, as well as being the Content Editor for Coupon Claim.com. Not only do I provide web content, but I also manage several social media accounts that help businesses maintain a presence on the Web. In addition to SEO work, I am part of the creating and editing team with Creative for Kids, a children’s church curriculum company. When I am not at my computer, I enjoy cooking for my family as well as for large events/activities, scrapbooking, reading and visiting new places. I am also involved in a variety of activities at my church such as writing children’s Bible lessons based on themes or for specific topics, directing Vacation Bible School and volunteering as the Administrative Assistant to our Children’s Director.

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