It’s All in Your Perspective

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Not long ago, I was watching a friend’s preschool-age boys. The oldest one was sitting at the table snacking as I ate a plate of spaghetti. He asked what I had and – just to get his reaction – I answered, “pasta”. He grinned, then promptly told me, “No, it’s ‘sketti!”   We ‘argued’ a few… Continue reading It’s All in Your Perspective

It’s in the Cookies!

  I love Chinese food! From Moo Goo Gai Pan to Wonton Soup and Egg Foo Young to Spicy Orange Chicken, the spices and textures there comprise a well-planned Chinese meal. But, perhaps as much as the food brings pleasure, I love to open the fortune cookies and read their words of “wisdom”. (By the… Continue reading It’s in the Cookies!

Writing According to Calvin & Hobbes

I love Calvin & Hobbes! Their imagination, silly antics and exciting adventures are a great example of of living life to its fullest—even if some their ideas and  supposed adventures may be a bit far fetched! Of course, it is the most outrageous adventures that often have the most profound comments.  It’s a lot like… Continue reading Writing According to Calvin & Hobbes

Are You Ready for Social Media?

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You don’t have to be an expert to maintain a presence on social media. However, you do need to have a strategy, a plan and a commitment to make your presence known.  If you have never given any thought to what you want your social media platforms to look like, then there is no time… Continue reading Are You Ready for Social Media?

Having Fun yet Staying Busy!

When one owns their own business, it is nice to stay busy. Consequently, it is easy to say, “Yes” each time someone asks if you can do something.  But sometimes I look at my calendar and I think, “My goodness, what was I thinking when I agreed to that many projects for this week!” It… Continue reading Having Fun yet Staying Busy!

Best SEO Practices: Getting the Most From Your Website

If you have a website, then you have already scored important space on the Web. However, having a website isn’t enough. You must also take time to ensure that your SEO is up to par. Use these tips to boost your rankings in search engine results and improve your SEO. 17 Best SEO Practices Know… Continue reading Best SEO Practices: Getting the Most From Your Website

Integrating Digital & Traditional Media

Did you know…. 23% of Americans still read a paper copy of a daily newspaper. 48% still listen to local radio. 82% of consumers say they trust print advertising. 80% trust television advertising when making a purchasing decision 76% trust direct mail advertising. 87% of the Millennial generation still buy the print version of textbooks –… Continue reading Integrating Digital & Traditional Media