The Moods of Writing

Quite often, when my children’s friends find out what kind of work I do, I get met with a grimace and a comment along the lines of, “You write. I would hate to do that all the time!”  Comments such as that always make me chuckle.  I rarely think of writing as being some sort of punishment or assignment. I have enjoyed writing, and it’s partner Reading, for as long as I can remember.

However, that does not mean that writing always comes easy. Often, I am asked to write about topics that I know little to nothing about so finding the right approach to a blog post can be somewhat daunting. But, since I love to learn about new places, people, processes and purposes even those jobs that are daunting at the outset are pleasurable in the long run – even if there are moments in the middle that leave me scratching my head as I endeavor to understand. So, with those moments in writing that have caused me some struggle, here is a great pic I found that writers of every age will relate to…..

Happy writing!

Moods of writing

By jslagell

I have been writing for the Web since 2007. As a copywriter, I have provided SEO web content for more than 30 travel websites and written dozens of blog posts about social media, Internet trends and website design, as well as being the Content Editor for Coupon Not only do I provide web content, but I also manage several social media accounts that help businesses maintain a presence on the Web. In addition to SEO work, I am part of the creating and editing team with Creative for Kids, a children’s church curriculum company. When I am not at my computer, I enjoy cooking for my family as well as for large events/activities, scrapbooking, reading and visiting new places. I am also involved in a variety of activities at my church such as writing children’s Bible lessons based on themes or for specific topics, directing Vacation Bible School and volunteering as the Administrative Assistant to our Children’s Director.

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